Media Safety Office

Established in 2005 in partnership with the International Federation of Journalists, the Media Safety Office monitors all forms of attacks against the media, be it threats, attacks, intimidation, or killings. NUJP also keeps track of the legal status of journalist killings, and cases seeking to intimidate journalists, such as criminal libel.

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Media Workers’ Welfare

With the International Federation of Journalists, NUJP has been conducting trainings and consultations to help colleagues organize and build power in their workplaces. It constantly develops projects that will address the current working conditions of the Filipino working press.

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Professional Skills Training

NUJP offers free seminars and workshops on reporting and covering corruption, elections, HIV-AIDS and children’s welfare. Over the years, it has collaborated with the Institute for War and Peace Reporting, International News Safety Institute, Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, and the Norwegian Embassy to conduct these trainings and to develop modules.

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Journalism and Trauma

The need to help journalists deal with trauma in the newsroom gave way to the creation of a peer support project with the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma. The program aims to build support networks among journalists and media workers inside media companies.

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Journalists’ Orphans Fund

About 90 children need our help to get them moving forward. Their parents are among the 155 journalists killed since 1986, and were breadwinners of their families.

As these children await justice for their murdered parents, the Journalist Orphans’ Fund has been helping to send them to school and to cope with their parents’ loss.

NUJP sees this as a way to help families of slain journalists move forward as they fight for justice.

Infographic on Journalist Orphans' Fund

Infographic on Journalist Orphans’ Fund

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